Help to build a new community for Microsoft Dynamics professionals

This proposal was not successful. I’ll keep this post online for historical reasons 😉

Perhaps you know already the great StackExchange trilogy, consisting of, and These are community-driven Q&A sites.

The community has the possibility to create new Q&A sites, based on the StackExchange ‚application‘ through proposals on Area 51

What makes these Q&A sites way better than normal discussion boards is the ability to use them like a big wiki.
Useful content is pushed by votes of the community and is bubbling up, crap gets filtered out. Already posted information is editable for improving the overall quality.

The SharePoint community already got it’s site. is in public beta since a few months and at the moment it looks like it could become a regular site.

You may think: why do we need yet another site, there are the MSDN forums, or x, y and z.
I could not answer this question better than this question explains it already

At least in my opinion, the MSDN forums evolved to an award hunting area. Many ‚experts‘ throw masses of answers on questions, without adding value to it (or even know the answer). Don’t get me wrong: this is not the majority, but it annoys me very much.  There is also no real way to promote valuable contributions, while devaluating the crap.

In addition the Creative Commons license guarantees that questions and answers are free to access, free to use and re-use (with attribution), and free to share… forever. So you will automatically create a knowledge base out of your contributions.

The more I use these sites, the more I miss a site which topic is the Microsoft Dynamics product range.

If you are a Microsoft Dynamics professional, I would kindly ask you to support the current proposal for a Microsoft Dynamics Q&A site

In order to support this proposal, the first step we have to achieve is to get it into the commitment stage. Therefore we need 60 followers and votes for sample questions (you can follow the proposal via the link above). If we reach this milestone, the proposal will proceed to the commitment step.

If you are interested please help to create a new opportunity for your community. You know a colleague, who’s interested? Great, tell him about the proposal. Spread the word!

3 Gedanken zu „Help to build a new community for Microsoft Dynamics professionals

    1. ckeller Beitragsautor

      Thanks a lot for following the proposal. If you know other people who could have interest in it, please spread the word 🙂

  1. Neil Benson

    If you have specific suggestions about how the CRM forums on MSDN could be better moderated, then I’m sure the MVP moderators would love to hear it. We meet periodically to discuss how to improve the forum users‘ experience and your insight would be valuable.

    Of course, there are some limitations with the MSDN forum technology that the moderators can’t change but Microsoft are making some investments to make the forums better. Although the MSDN forums might not have all the features that StackOverflow offers, at least they have traction.


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