Howto: Debugging CRM errors

Today I had a service call with a customer who got an error on creating appointments. The error message was General Failure in Scheduling Engine

A quick search in the internet revealed that this error message is not an unknown one (at least for Dynamics CRM 3)

Because the description of the articles were not suitable for the customers environment and the CRM system is a newer one ( Dynamics CRM 4), we had to dig further.

We enabled the tracing on the crm application server and set the TraceCategories to *:Error which writes only the message with TraceLevel Error to the trace file.

The generated trace file contained following error
Crm Exception: Message: SecLib::CrmCheckPrivilege failed. Returned hr = -2147220960 on UserId: bcf9bb2e-6070-de11-a4a6-000c29abeb6c and PrivilegeId: b5f2ee06-d359-4495-bbda-312aae1c6b1e, ErrorCode: -2147220960
MessageProcessor fail to process message 'Book' for 'appointment'.

A quick search for the name of the denied privilege showed that the security role of the user doesn’t give him the right to share appointments. Apparently, this right is needed for creating an appointment. After adjusting the security role the error was gone and the customer was happy.

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